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Londonderry Air - A Socially Distanced Performance

The next in our series of "at home" performances is our conductor, Emma's, arrangement of Percy Grainger's "Londonderry Air" - a beautiful piece of music in its own right, but also music that reminds us of "that" scene in the film Brassed Off where the band gather to play outside the conductor's hospital ward. 

To us, that sums up being part of CPOF - being amongst friends who become family and where anyone is welcome.

We've included some memories from over the years, to remind us of the good times that have been and that will happen again once we can be together again.

You can find more videos from our previous performances on our YouTube channel

Hello, we are CPOF

Welcome. We are an award-winning amateur community flute orchestra from Carluke in South Lanarkshire. With a full range of eight different types of flute - from piccolo down to subcontrabass in G - we play more instruments than you might think. Accompanied by a full range of percussion, we are able to achieve the most orchestral sound possible. 

Haven't you heard us? Check us out on YouTube and Facebook. Or better still, come along to one of our concerts. Check our Events diary to see where we're playing next. 

Although we have many experienced players, we also have a number of learners of all ages. We are always keen to hear from players of all abilities, as well as absolute beginners who may be interested in learning.

The orchestra is available to play concerts for your school, church or any other event; and can be a novel way of fundraising for your own organisation.


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